LETTER: What about car parking?

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Chesterfield council has announced its ‘masterplan’ for development, as reported in the Derbyshire Times.

Unfortunately. I feel it has major flaws in that nowhere is the provision for car parking mentioned, apart from the plan to demolish a disused multi-­storey car park.

The report mentioned ‘pedestrian links, footpaths, and pedestrian routes’, but nowhere did it mention provision for car parking.

Nationally, town planners are now realising that provision for cheap and available car parking should be a major feature of the development and regeneration of town centres.

As well as demolishing Markham Road multi-­storey car park, the council is planning to get rid of the Ashgate Road car park too.

Do the council think that visitors to Chesterfield will walk in from far and near?

It seems that if you have a car in Chesterfield, you would be better of buying a pair of walking shoes.

Rod Harrison

Ashgate, Chesterfield