LETTER: We need action on flooding, not empty political promises

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We are asked to recycle, that’s fine. Do not pollute the seas. That’s common sense.

For this and other related issues we pay a green tax. That’s not fine by me.
Many learned and respected individuals believe that during the life of our planet, seasons have been mixed and floods with devastation have played a regular part in our history.

What is important is how we manage the threat of nature when “she” has decided to give the human race a challenge to combat and lessen the effects of her actions.

Today, Governments are intent on doing very little and yet they reap the rewards of taxes paid that should alleviate the suffering of stricken victims such as we now see in York and Leeds.

I am amazed that retired politicians, when released from the bonds of party responsibilities, can publicly say more should be done to safeguard the public.

Let’s get on with the job in hand and build strong well thought out defences that are effectively managed by knowledgeable persons. No politics involved.

Lets spend money on our own welfare instead of overseas aid being given to undeserving causes. It begs the question of how we can afford to give away something we do not own. That is if you take the national debt as a serious issue.

Having spent much time in the Norfolk farming areas I can say that dredging rivers and dykes came as essential to land maintenance. That is again a common sense initiative not generally shared by those in power. 
Mr Cameron’s visit to flooded areas was, it appears, a very carefully orchestrated move. I despair that the community spirit shown by our unfortunate neighbours has not rubbed off on the political elite.

There will always be issues with freak and unexpected weather patterns but the resolve of our nation will overcome these obstacles by true grit and determination. We in turn need good leadership skills and compassion from those in Westminster. Not a fleeting visit and empty words that have no depth or meaning. 
The fact that many people could not obtain insurance cover tells us that someone somewhere realised that previous disasters could well happen again and indeed they have.

Our country needs to look at electing a Government that will guarantee survival of our hard-pressed flood victims. Our country needs to be looked after first and foremost. How can we look after other people when we cannot look after ourselves?

Realistically control of weather is not something we can achieve. Many learned persons will state that world ages are related to sun spot cycles and the changes are due in part to fluctuating solar emissions. 
However we can help the planet immensely by reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

We are the bulldog breed and resilience is part of our way of life. We just need a strong political party to make life better for hard pressed members of the public.

Remember the reality of these hard times when next you vote.

Alan Armstrong

Boundary Close, Staveley