LETTER: War memorial boards in Chesterfield to be returned to former grammar school site

Calling all Old Cestrefeldians. The school’s war memorial boards are to be returned to the old grammar school site on Sheffield Road site from wherethey were removed in 1967 when the school relocated to new premises at Brookside.

They were left there in 1991 when the school closed after nearly 400years of history and the site became Brookfield Community School, with the latter becoming their guardians until now. 
The move has been made possible by the generous support of the Brookfield School governors andthe active co-operation of Chesterfield College in allowing them to be returned to their spiritual home.

Old Cestrefeldians and family members of the fallen were invited to attend a short service of remembrance and re-dedication at 11am on Tuesday, November 11, at Sheffield Road.

It was conducted by Canon Peter Downham, the current President of the Old Cestrefeldian Society.

By Frank Gorman.