LETTER: ‘View is wrong, OAPs would become isolated and lonely’

Bus station.
Bus station.

I am afraid Mr Gould has got it wrong.
What with looking after grandchildren, helping our children, being members of various committees, helping various charities etc, we are far too busy to spend our day ‘riding round on buses’.
Our bus pass is important in so many ways.

If we didn’t have them a) the town centre shops and services will suffer badly as it becomes uneconomic for us to travel there often. We would take to the internet instead, particularly to those providing our needs like major supermarkets and also Amazon (no tax there then).

b) The social costs as many OAPs would stay at home, becoming isolated and lonely.

c) There would be fewer jobs in the bus companies as routes are reduced with few passengers.

What the council should be doing is complaining loudly to the Government for better subsides. The passes were introduced by Parliament. We didn’t ask for them.
How does removing them tie in with all parties pledging to reduce carbon emissions by people using public transport more?

Joan Davis.