LETTER: Using our pensions and savings

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I am a 62-year-old female who left school in 1969 and have only had two years out of work, which I used to have my two children. 
When my youngest was five months old I went out to work part time working in the evenings after my husband had returned from work. When they went to school full time I started work full time. I have paid a full stamp throughout my working life.

I had plans to finish work at 60 but unfortunately for me the Government decided to change my retirement date three times over the last few years. I have worked for over 30 years in a physical, heavy industry and I could not carry out my job any longer.

At the same time my husband, who left school in 1968 and joined a heavy industry job, and has been fortunate to never have had to claim benefit, became ill and has recently had some radical surgery and has an on-going battle over the next few months. My husband could sign off sick and then have the added stress of attending the medicals that are now required.

After our visit to the degrading and uncaring job centre, we have decided to live off our works’ pensions topped up with savings for the next three years and enjoy the time we have left in a way we want to and not be ruled by the job centre/medicals, or this Government, because we feel we deserve it. We also feel we have damn well earned it.

After all, if it comes to the time where we need nursing homes because we didn’t die for this Government whilst working, we will have no savings for them to take as we will have spent them. So that’s two of us who are not included in the fancy figures they keep splashing about. Makes you wonder how many more.

I hope that in taking this action now, we will be lucky enough to be included in the figures for the elderly who are living too long instead.

Susan Wills

By email