LETTER: ‘Useless’ schemes just bring chaos

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I respond to Dave Walsh and D.C.Middleton (letters, October 15) on the ‘boom town’ story and issues surrounding the railway station.

Dave Walsh is correct in his observations and detail. His comments onthe old Co-Op were precise. Where are all the vehicles going to park?

Customers will be required to pay for parking every time they visitthe building and with parking at a premium together with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and its finance-generating system it will not be a viable project for anyone to undertake.

Of course it will not all be council finances that are involved, but it look at what can be generated in the way of the rates.

I also state that Chesterfield is dying on its feet due to unacceptable traffic regulations and parking restrictions. DCC’s own Parksmart document states that the more vehicle numbers achieved in the car parks the more business is generated but this was disproved in Wales when parking was made free and business increased.

With regard to D.C.Middleton I would inform him that many months ago I contacted East Coast which owns/operates the rail station and requested who had actioned such a hair brain scheme and if DCC had been involved. The first response was negative but a second request was responded to.

They informed me that DCC had in fact been involved (I refrain to make any comment) and is one reason that it has been turned into the unacceptable mess that it is now in.

Of course they never state that together with other contributions the new cycle route now deployed, which includes the station at a cost of around £1million, is so that the public can ride there and park their cycle in the new cycle rack.No doubt a butcher’s bike is required for luggage to be transported when going on holiday.

I have never seen so much finance squandered on such useless schemes that bring nothing but chaos.

I take and collect my grandson from the station and if I pay £1 for five or ten minutes to park then at ten-minute intervals the car park has the ability to achieve around £6 per hour for each vehicle, multiply this by around 20 and it turns into £120 per hour.

I would also point out that any fine for non-payment is operated by PRIVATE company and not DCC and therefore different regulations apply to recover any non-payment.

Reg Oliver

Lime Close, Calow