LETTER: Use Dunston Road incinerator site for housing

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Have your say via comment@derbyshiretimes.co.uk
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Following your article in last week’s Derbyshire Times regarding a public consultation as to what should be done with the Cammac site on Dunston Road, and having being heavily involved in the nightmare battle to successfully prevent an incinerator from being built on that site, we keenly attended the event on Saturday. We now want to express how much we welcome the suggestion that this site should be used for housing.

Taking a brownfield site such as this, cleaning it up (while protecting the trees that hang over Dunston Road) and putting it to use for housing is exactly the kind of development we think the council should support, especially as you seek to fulfil your house-building targets. It would also be a huge relief to the local community to know that another Cyclamax or similar would not then be able to suggest using this site or a neighbouring one for anything as unsuitable as an incinerator. 
In stark contrast we are also aware that William Davis have plans to submit an application to build homes on the green-fields/farmland off Dunston Lane. Surely the council is aware of many other ex-industrial sites like the Cammac site that should be re-developed for housing first, before even considering giving away these green-fields.

By R & J Harrington