LETTER: Too old for noise nuisance

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I sympathise with the Derbyshire Times reader, Jill Horwood, who wrote a letter recently concerning noise nuisance.

We have suffered from unacceptable noise nuisance for almost three years.

The noise in question being ‘drum noise’.

The department to contact is environmental services (Environmental Protection Act 1990), but they seem to have difficulty in actually visiting to hear the noise, which is very loud.

We have contacted various people and departments, but still the noise continues. My husband and I are both pensioners, 76 and 79 years. We are becoming too old for this hassle, and it is affecting our health.

We also have left home, taking holidays and outings to escape, but pensioners are not considered nowadays I feel.

Standards of noise tolerated have changed and peace and quiet is very difficult to find.

I hope Ms Horwood has more ‘luck’.

Judith Flaxman

Summerfield Road,