LETTER: Taken to task over housing development

I have been taken to task on what the development at the bottom of Chartwell Avenue would do for the community of Swathwick and I feel a reply is in order.

Thursday, 26th October 2017, 12:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:35 am

When I stated the development would be good for the elderly young and infirm it was with the knowledge affordable houses were in short supply and this applied to bungalows as well, the young would also benefit dependent on ages. 
Building work always requires young people to give them confidence in today’s insecure world. This I know from many years as a YTS teacher.
I wrote of those issues in the area because of my past knowledge. 
When David Melton wrote his letter there was a vagueness about where the development was going to take place. 
It will not take place at the top of Chartwell Avenue as they proclaimed on the poster saying it was green belt land and for that misinformed poster I shall be asking for the 370 forms to be struck out. 
The notice being placed there before the meeting took place. I would also remind people there are six grades of land, green belt being the top and brown fields the bottom. Green field one and two being good agricultural land next to green belt. 
At the bottom of the scale we have brown field followed by four and five so these are just as important for development being low grade.
The fact there is no brown field west of Swathwick leaves the two fields as being suitable for development and when I stated the site is well screened it was looked at with this in mind. 
The height of the roadside hedge being reduced to stop the wind taking the hedge and pavement into the field. 
No one is looking at the development being good for the community but stating the developer would put millions of pounds on the table, that is silly thinking and the only ones talking of money are protesting about the development.

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Frank Hardy

HKW Land Acquisition Ltd