LETTER: Street lights need sorting before someone is hurt

The street lights on the dual carriageway stretch of Markham Road between the Ravenside Retail Park traffic lights and West Bars roundabout have been out of action for many, many months.

Sunday, 17th April 2016, 6:30 pm

This means that the pedestrian footpaths on both sides of the road, which are lined with trees, bushes and shrubs, are in complete darkness at night except when a vehicle is passing.

How much longer does Chesterfield Borough Council or Derbyshire County Council, whichever is responsible, intend to allow this situation to continue?

Are they waiting for a late night pedestrian to be mugged, assaulted, raped or murdered before they do something about it?

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If repairing the main street lights is a really major problem, could they not install some form of mains-powered, generator-powered or solar-powered temporary lighting to make this area safe for pedestrians at night before an incident occurs and someone gets assaulted, injured or worse?

Roger Kelsey