LETTER: Street drinking yobs in Chesterfield ruin our town

Drinking alcohol.
Drinking alcohol.

I am a regular visitor to our Chesterfield Town Centre, always, during the day; I always come across groups of alcoholics shouting disgusting language and drinking alcohol from bottles and cans. 
They seem to have a favourite place, between Lidl, around the gardens and along West Bars and in the market square, many sit on the wall facing the town access / bridge into Queens Park.

On the morning of the 28th October approximately 9 am, I was cycling along the Chesterfield Canal where I passed two uniformed police officers walking along the canal tow path.

I was the only person around, enjoying the wild life and the peace and quiet of the Tow Path.

I have seen uniformed officers on this beat on numerous occasions. On the morning of the 29th October approximately 9am, I was stood on West Bars waiting for the shop owner to open its doors; many people were passing by, including families with young children, again three alcoholics walked past drinking beer from cans and shouting at each other, using disgusting language.

No uniformed officers in sight.

I asked the three of them to stop using the disgusting language, they answered with abuse and further foul language. I then was approached by an elderly couple/visitors from France, asking me if this behaviour was common in our town.
We as a family lived in France for over 7 years and during that time we never experienced this type of behaviour. 
We have been Chesterfield residents for many years and occasionally we take our grandchildren into our town and through into the Queens Park, each time we now experience this behaviour.

We have an attractive town, which should bring tourist and visitors to our shops and markets. I am sure that our French visitors will not return and will pass on their experience to their family and friends.

We now experience this behaviour every time we visit our town centre, the same alcoholics using the same foul language, where are the police, have the laws or have the priorities changed.

Name and address of writer supplied.