LETTER: Stop using religion and start integrating

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I read in the Derbyshire Times that Chesterfield council, led by Huw Bowen, has banned a meeting by a group called Britain First. 
I’ve never heard of the group before but it seems their views differ from those of our council.

Apparently they campaign against immigration, multiculturalism and ‘Islamisation’.

Immigration is not a problem.

Mass-immigration is a massive problem - for both the places where they arrive and the places where they have left and the lack of integration by those who stay can only lead to problems in the future.

Multiculturalism is a new culture, grown in a politically correct petri dish where diversity, health and safety and human rights have taken over from common sense.

Being a white male English war-baby, it was my generation that helped to loosen the ties with religions and customs in this country. One instance, when I was young, it was regarded as essential that a woman must be “churched,” after the awful business of producing a child. She had to be “purified” before being allowed into another house. It was bad luck for all if she wasn’t. Now British women drink pints and the only time they cover their heads is when its cold, when they go to a wedding or go to the races.

Whilst we watched the white sects in Ireland blow each other up for years, we welcomed people from all over the world to Britain to live peacefully. The BNP never amounted to much. Looking back I think I must have been a racist. Most of my heroes were black, Pele, Gary Sobers, Mohamed Ali and a few more. Britain is not a racist country.

But this is different, nothing to do with race and everything to do with religious groups from regions that have festered into hatred. We infidels are loathed by only a small percentage of the millions of Muslims who live peacefully everywhere.

Paris has just shown that they hate us to an extent that we find impossible to understand yet the politically correct left, condone and even encourage their practices.

The time is now ripe for our ethnic people to stop wearing religious statements on their head, to save the national dress of their homeland for special occasions and begin to integrate with us and we’ll all be better off. It would also be helpful if the leader of Chesterfield council began the campaign.

David Mawson

By email