LETTER: Stagecoach aware of recent issues

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I write in reply to the letter from Alan Craw published on October 22, regarding Stagecoach bus timetables.

Reliability and punctuality are extremely important to Stagecoach. We are continually reviewing the bus network and making changes based on passenger feedback to ensure services run as smoothly and punctually as possible.

In fact, given the tough operating conditions in the town, we are proud that for Stagecoach buses across Chesterfield the numbers are that 99.6 per cent of scheduled trips are operated and that 95.2 per cent leave their starting point on time.

Having said that we are aware of some recent timing issues on the 25 and 50 and we are already closely monitoring these services. We will continue to review the punctuality and act as necessary.

As for our investment in the fleet, every one of our 104 buses in Chesterfield is now low-floor to provide easy access for disabled passengers or those travelling with buggies. The average age of our buses in Chesterfield is just seven years, well below the national average. Since 2013, we have invested more than £2.5 million in 21 modern, eco-friendly vehicles for our Chesterfield routes, including £1.2m in six luxury Stagecoach gold vehicles.

The number plate on the bus Mr Craw travelled on recently may have dated from the 1950s as we do reuse them, but the bus it was attached to certainly did not.

Paul Lynch

Managing director,

Stagecoach Yorkshire