LETTER: Spend money on River Rother, not Waterside

The Chesterfield Waterside Development, who is it for?

Friday, 2nd December 2016, 1:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:42 pm
Nowhere did I see an option to vote for being financially worse off

With the recent floods due to the River Rother, isn’t it about time the business and people that live and work alongside the Rother felt some benefit from the millions of pounds that are being spent on the so-called Waterside?
Once again, on November 21, our lives, roads etc were disrupted due to flooding. Housing and businesses have existed along the Rother for more than 100 years. Is it more important to support new development with no existing business, no housing?

What about looking after the people and businesses that are alive and paying council tax?
Are we ready for a ‘Trump MP’ revolution. Put people in power that will look after local interests.

If anyone would care to take a trip down Brimington Road and take a look at the machinery on the Trebor site and the work being done, costing millions of pounds, where did the money come from and to benefit who?

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The same effort spent improving the Rother surely would be money better spent.

The Rother is the main drain out of Chesterfield. More housing development is being allowed on greenfield sites, nothing makes the situation any better.

What do we get from CBC, DCC and EVC? I say nothing.
Who will admit the river needs working on? Various reports have pointed to the need for river maintenance.

David Cory

By email