LETTER SPECIAL: Readers get behind Derbyshire’s Ozbox scheme as it faces a knockout blow

The Ozbox scheme is facing closure.
The Ozbox scheme is facing closure.

News of a cut to the funding of the much-respected Ozbox initiative has sparked plenty of opinion among Derbyshire Times readers.

Several letter-writers this week have expressed just how much the organisation has done for them and their familes.

Here are two of them below. Are you a member of Ozbox? Send us your views to comment@derbyshiretimes.co.uk.

I have been a valuable member of Ozbox for five years now and have been boxing for three years.

When I first started I was really depressed as I got bullied through school and college.

There was times I had thought about ending my life as I thought people were better off with out me in theirs, but Ozbox has made me the man I am today.

I am now 23 and I couldn’t have done this without Ozbox by my side. I have to thank the trainers, Darren Commins, Steve Osbaldesten, and Lee Oldham, because they have taught me the skills.

Ozbox has been so inspirational to me they have taught me to control my anger issues and I have met some truly amazing people along the way and made friends who I have for life.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that Ozbox doesn’t deserve to close as,they have changed not only mine but a lot of other people lives over the years.

Please help and support our petition to keep Ozbox open.

Johnathan Scothern, by email.

This is for the save Ozbox campaign. I just wanted to say for the paper that I grew up being told I’d never be good enough for anyone or anything, then I met Steve and Darren who taught me I am strong and I can do anything.

I started to do boxing and started meeting new people.

I know for a fact I would not be here today if it wasn’t for Ozbox.

I was a very depressed person who felt I would never be able to do anything. Ozbox boosts my self esteem, it helps not only me but anyone. I now have confidence.

Soph Long, by email.