LETTER: Sign petition to look after Chesterfield’s buildings


How about this for a New Year resolution?

One of the big attractions of living in Chesterfield for me is the wonderful range of black and white buildings. They’re not Tudor, which they’re sometimes mistaken for, but nevertheless they still have a very interesting history - and help make Chesterfield the place it is.

There are so many that they’re probably not studied too closely by those of us who live here. We just know that, with the spire and the market, they help make the town centre a bit special.

Friends and family though, visiting from other areas, often comment very admiringly on them.

But some buildings are now in a very poor state. Next time you’re on Knifesmithgate take a closer look at the Victoria Centre. Above the ground floor veranda you’ll see badly rotting windows - and where big chunks of plaster have fallen off. It’s in a really poor state and getting worse as each month goes by.

The town cannot let this happen to these special buildings - but often the owners live far away and don’t want to spend money.

So what can be done?

In my view although Chesterfield Council doesn’t own the neglected buildings and has limited powers, it surely has a role to play in co-ordinating action to make sure the necessary steps are taken to sort things.

I’ve now written to the council’s chief executive along these lines - and have started a petition to try and get local residents to back me up. If you share my concerns please sign my petition, which you can do by visiting www.cfield.lib.dm/bkwh

At the start of a new year - let’s do something about it. Please sign.

Andrew Hollyer

By Email