LETTER: Segway, hoverboard and mobility scooters

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Understandably the ongoing construction work on the next leg of the cycle path that will eventually link up with many more miles of cycle path will, as work progresses, bring about traffic problems to Chesterfield’s roads. 
I feel for motorists that for a few weeks will have to use alternative routes to the Royal Hospital, not forgetting the residents on the diverted routes as well. 
The cycle path follows the old LMS Brampton shunt track that ran through the Queen’s Park and went as far as Robinson’s works.

I expect when George Stephenson designed the rail branch line protests were made. Now that sounds a silly question. I was fortunate as a footplate fireman to have travelled on the branch line through the park in the late 50s. The days when you could cycle through Chesterfield without the volume of today’s traffic.

I believe in the near future on completion of the cycle path that cyclists will prove the doubters wrong. As technology moves at the rate as it has over the past years why not allow segways and hoverboard users to gain access to the cycle path? Let’s also not forget mobility scooter users, to get freedom from us drivers. Most councils in the UK are constructing segway and hoverboard tracks, surely a combined used path with cyclists could work with the correct rules?

Only time will tell if the cyclist path is a success, I feel it’s a George Stephenson special, it’s a revolution that is wanted for the young and aging generation to be able to get fun out of life.

Graham Burton

By email