LETTER: Road stupidity will cause accidents

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Just a polite notice to any drivers using the Junction 29 roundabout when coming from Holmewood.

Please do not get in the left hand lane unless you intend to go either to Chesterfield on the A617 or the M1 North.

The lanes are clearly marked and the sheer stupidity of the drivers who choose to ignore these is going to cause a serious, unnecessary accident.

This also applies to those drivers leaving the A617 who haven’t the patience to give way to their right. Vehicles will be changing lanes on the roundabout after the M1 North exit, don’t keep cutting updrivers who use it correctly.

To top it all off you have the cheek to swear, blast horns, flash lights and make obscene gestures when its clearly you who’s in the wrong.

See who your insurance agrees with when you write off somebody’s car, or worse!