LETTER: Queen's Park is a fantastic facility

I would like to congratulate Chesterfield Borough Council on the fantastic facility that is Queen's Park Leisure Centre.

Sunday, 29th January 2017, 10:30 am
New Queens Park Sports Centre

One year on and the centre is still extensively used, my family have a membership package which was originally taken out while the old facility was open, we were frequent visitors, enduring the cold and dilapidated facilities and were pleasantly surprised at the number of new members who joined when the new centre opened. 
However, I must confess to believing it to be a fad and once the novelty had worn off expected the numbers attending to fall, this has definitely not been the case, as our visit on Sunday morning is testament to as the place was ‘packed.’

We frequently hear or read in leaflets through the letterbox, from some quarters, what a waste of money the centre is and how the old building is still standing empty.

Can I please remind these people that there were many opportunities over the years to renovate the old building and facilities, however the councillors in place at that time took no action and allowed the centre to fall into disrepair.

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A publicly run facility is for use by the public, the new centre holds up to these values, the old centre definitely did not.

P. Blackburn