LETTER: Queen’s Park has not been improved

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Being a regular swimmer at the Queen’s Park Leisure Centre, I was offered on December 18, when the pool closed, the opportunity to try out the new pool at the end of the month on December 29, 30 or 31. 
I chose to attend at 3pm on December 30.

I took an hour off work and attended the new leisure centre only to be told that the council had not taken control of the keys or the building so I could not swim.

No council officials were present to tell people this, it was left to the centre staff to bear the displeasure of people like me who had attended expecting to use the facilities and I was not the only unhappy council-tax payer. 
I have little faith in the council delivering on projects and this just reinforces my view. They have closed a perfectly good leisure centre and replaced it with, from a swimmer’s perspective, a smaller length pool. It should have been 50 metres in length, no diving boards and from a grandad’s point of view, no children’s slide.

Perhaps if councillor Burrows and other councillors gave up some of the expenses they claim, we might be able to retain some of the services and facilities that are being cut?

Paul Gibbons,