LETTER: Proud of Chesterfield FC but the ticket situation was a shambles

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

May I first say how proud I am of the way that Chesterfield played against Derby in the FA Cup. Every one of the lads played their hearts out.

Next may I say that the way tickets were allocated was a shambles. I had ticket number 578, 579 was empty, fans came in with ticket number 560, 561,562 but there were no seats as this is where steps are.Fans then had to stand for all the first half in this area, surely this cannot be safe or allowed by the stewards.

I did mention this to a steward but he did nothing about it.

In the interest of safety if you are sold a ticket for a seat at any football ground then there should be a seat to sit on.

The Chesterfield players played their part, fantastic.

It’s a shame that the stewards did not do the same.

From a disgruntled Chesterfield season ticket holder.

STE Smith

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