LETTER: Play a role in reviving association

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Tapton House closed as a senior school in 1991. As we approach the 25th anniversary of this event I am attempting to contact those who attended during its 60 years existence and who are still living in Derbyshire.

Since 2014, I have been the chairman of the association and I am working with Len Thompson, the secretary, to encourage Taptonians of whatever era, including members of Chesterfield College who continue to use the premises as post-school students, to make contact and to help us revive the association. It would serve to keep people in touch with one another and offer varied opportunities for getting together and enabling other events for mutual support or which could fundraise to serve valuable charitable purposes.

For some years we have held a picnic at Tapton House at the end of June. On Saturday June 25, 2016, we have made arrangements to hold the picnic on the Tapton House back lawn, with a general meeting in the House at 11am (using the famous ‘Room 1’).

At our last general meeting in October it was suggested that we try to arrange a regular get together at the house.

Since then I have met with Chesterfield College staff and it is possible to meet on the last Wednesday of each month in the Tapton Cafe at 11am (January to June)– our first engagement is Wednesday January 27. Lunch can be arranged (about £5 per head) if you let me know in advance what you prefer to eat (please phone 01246.567184 before January 4, to make a booking).

I wish you well for Christmas and that the New Year will be full of promise and maybe surprises!

Stan Frost (chairman) and Len Thompson (secretary)