LETTER: People that are retired still contribute to society in Derbyshire


I see that Adam Gould (letter that likened bus-pass holders to ‘benefit scroungers’) thinks bus pass holders are scroungers.

Bus pass holders reduce the congestion of the roads in Chesterfield and leave parking spaces for those who consider themselves too good for traveling on buses.

Many pass holders who now use buses to travel to town would otherwise use their cars.

Being able to travel on buses contributes to many people’s health and well being which helps to keep them fit and healthy and out of hospital. Not everyone has a car either through some disability or lack of funds even if they have worked hard all their lives.

Has Mr Gould considered the subsidies to motorists - road building and repair, policing, hospital care of their victims, parking enforcement, pollution, noise etc?

Many people although retired still contribute to society through valuable voluntary work in hospitals, hospices, food banks etc and may even travel to their voluntary work on public transport, paying their fares if it’s before 0930.

They do not just take but give much.

The Thatcher government’s obsession (continued by New Labour) with ‘competition’ has resulted in an over supply of buses on busy routes, and massive cuts to rural bus services and Sunday and evening services, unless subsidised by the highway authorities.

Mr Gould may be unaware that reimbursement for passes is negotiated between the bus operators and the Highway Authorities, but if he wants to learn more he could call Derbyshire County Council.

Mr Gould objects his taxes being used to pay for bus passes.

I object to my taxes being used to buy bombs and drones to kill Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian children, and for adventures in Afghanistan and Libya and subsidising bankers who’ve robbed us but still get their bonuses, and life long silver spoons for royal offspring, but as a taxpaying pensioner I don’t get the chance to opt out.

Sent in by Janet Portman, Walton Road, Chesterfield