LETTER: People should think before getting a pet

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Well, what a surprise (article on a surge in the number of abandoned animals). I wish people would think before they get a pet. 
I have two Netherlands dwarf rabbits - the smallest breed you can get- and they cost us a small fortune. 
You should always have two rabbits, as they are sociable animals. You should have both neutered/spayed, particularly the females as they can develop ovarian cancer. 
They need a good sized hutch - the one we bought cost nearly £200. Then they need a run - a large run. They need cleaning out regularly. By that I mean every other day and injections yearly.

They are not a child’s pet as they do not like being picked up. The best way is to sit on the floor and let the rabbits come to you and you can have them on your knee and gently, but firmly hold them and give them cuddles and strokes. 
This advice is only for rabbits - can you imagine the cost of a dog?

Karen Saffy Fry

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