LETTER: No wonder Derbyshire firms are closing down with high parking fees

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I can’t believe that when I parked in the doughnut car park after 6pm there was a charge of £2.60 for two hours.

Not only is this fee more expensive than parking in Bakewell, the machine doesn’t give any change which means the council are pocketing 40 pence every time customers have no change.

Had we put in £3 for two hours we would have had no change given back. If this happens to loads of parkers then it is unacceptable. No wonder the businesses in the town centre are shutting down, because no-one can afford to park for longer than two hours at those fees we have to pay, people just nip in and out of town, do what they have got to do and then have to get back to their car.

If parking was cheaper people would spend more time shopping which would mean more money spent in stores and thus making it better for businesses in the town centre.

A Hill,

Holmewood, Chesterfield