LETTER: Money sent to EU should be spent on vital services

Bear with me on this one, but while waiting for my husband on Low Street, Sutton, the other day I saw an old man fall on his face. '¨Caring members of the public came to the aid of this man with some helping him, while others phoned for an ambulance. '¨As I waited, I saw staff from Idlewells shopping centre, closely followed by a police officer looking after this poor old man.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 6:30 pm
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What was disturbing was that as they were looking after him, random people thought they would help by either gawping at him, with some who would stand over this poor man and say “are you okay?”

With the help he was receiving, what would this achieve? They were not doctors, nurses or paramedics, just nosey busybodies who frankly made themselves look stupid.

To get to the point of my correspondence, I then went shopping with my spouse, went for a coffee and was astounded to see this poor old chap still awaiting an ambulance three hours later.

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One woman, who was obviously drunk, abused the officer telling him he was a disgrace at not magically getting an ambulance to the old man. 
My point being is why oh why are we sending £70 billion abroad in foreign aid every year when our own emergency services are struggling to give the people in Britain a half decent service?

With the police and crime commissioner publishing figures saying the police have to save £10 million his year alone – and I’m sure the other services are in the same dire state – surely we should be focusing on our own people.

I had to think how many millions are in just one billion and it’s one thousand million. So again why are we sending £70 thousand million every year to countries and people we don’t know, when one small billion would sort out all the British emergency services, National Heath Service and much more

It’s the same with the EU. When the voting starts in the European referendum, I urge all citizens to vote to leave, as we send more than £50m a day to stay in a union, a union where we have to legally take scroungers from other places flooding into our country, bleeding us dry.

We need control over our borders. If people bring a skill to Britain we need to be like Australia and think about letting them in. If they don’t have a skill then don’t take them in just because we are legally forced to. 
In Britain we can grow our own scroungers who don’t want to work.

If you need more proof about leaving the EU, when you next go shopping look at the origin of where the goods come from. I’ll bet its China or Japan, I’ve not found one for Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland or any of the EU countries, so why are we in the EU? Let’s be like the Welsh and Scottish - be proud to be British because at this moment in time I’m embarrassed to be a British citizen.

I hope our MP responds to my letter. Just one more thing for you to think about. MPs were voted in originally to represent the people in there constituency – you can’t have 63 million people in Parliament – but Gloria de Piero does not vote how her constituents want. She has to vote as the party whip says, not as her constituents tell her.

Mrs K Gibb

Columbia Street, Huthwaite