LETTER: Joint mayor idea would see us worse off

I do not usually read the Derbyshire Times as I thought minor local gossip was of very little interest to me. '¨However, I now realise my error and will try and get it before my wife in future.

Thursday, 4th August 2016, 11:30 am

I was astonished to see the article regarding the proposed Sheffield/Derbyshire joint mayor. I originally heard about an East Midlands’ proposed merger involving Nottingham and thought that an awful idea, but this is at least twice as bad.

Combined with such a densely populated area, I feel our needs would soon be discounted as they would have the majority electorate voting to promote their inner city needs over our generally rural economy. I am certain that this is a product of the Tory government (who told us we had to mind every penny and cut where we could).

The cost of this nonsense would, I believe, be in addition to what I feel are overpaid local authority managers and directors. I believe it would bring about an increase in the council tax. While money in the bank to them, for many ordinary people it is a choice between food or heating or even ending up in court for non-payment of council tax. Please do everything in your power to stop this proceeding. Oh and don’t try and fob us off that the increased purchasing and reduced administration costs will be beneficial, they never are.

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Bob Rust

North Wingfield