LETTER: I would pay more for milk to protect cows

There will be many of your readers, including myself, who like to watch Countryfile every Sunday evening on BBC One.'¨However, the April 3 viewing has left me feeling extremely angry and disconcerted.'¨The programme covered different areas of the farming industry and apparently, the milking beasts on the farm which viewers saw, are confined to the shed the whole year round.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:33 pm

Therefore they are never put out to graze on natural fresh green pastures.

The reason, or so they say, is that by keeping them inside it will furnish a heavier yield of milk from the cows and will be beneficial financially to the farmer.
Well I will hold my head above the parapet and state categorically that this method of farming is totally unacceptable.

All bovine animals should be put out to graze naturally during the summer months.
In all fairness, maybe this does not apply to all farms in rural areas because I can see an abundance of cattle in the fields on my way to Chesterfield during the warmer weather.
I personally consider this to be a form of imprisonment and I do not like what I see. These farm animals contribute so much to our food industry, they deserve better and should not be subjected to such disrespect.

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I ask, would any of us human beings like to be deprived of fresh air and sunshine all year round? 
The same applies to chickens, what about animal rights? Why is DEFRA allowing this to happen?
Yes, I agree that farmers are experiencing a tough time and there has to be changes but this can be done by increasing the price of milk and all dairy products on supermarket shelves.

I for one would willingly pay more to support them.

Dorothy Corker

The Shortlands,