LETTER: ‘I used bus pass to visit my dying wife’

A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.
A letter sent in by one DT reader has caused outrage.

What a silly, juvenile, but vitriolic rant by Adam Gould (last week’s Derbyshire Times ‘Passholders are like ‘benefit scroungers’’).
As an 86-year-old bus pass holder, I am extremely grateful for the pass although I would feel more comfortable using it if I had to pay a nominal fare, say 20p or 50p or so.

I used it often during my late wife’s illness when I made innumerable visits from my home on the outskirts of Bakewell to the three Sheffield hospitals, mainly to the Northern General and Hallamshire, sometimes to Weston Park and occasionally to Chesterfield’s Royal Hospital.
Journeys that would have proved extremely expensive had I had to pay full fare. Long periods of walking to and from the bus stop in all weathers, sitting on the bus often in damp clothes, grabbing a coffee and sandwich when I could. Hardly the joy riding Mr Gould describes.

As a widower I sometimes wonder whether I did enough for her and reflect on those things that I should have done and didn’t do and on those things I did do that I shouldn’t have done and I console myself with the knowledge that I was able to visit her in hospital every day, hold her hand, comfort her and kiss her. Would you have denied me that Adam?.

By DT Reader.

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