LETTER: I have ideas on dealing with parking woes

I would like to comment on your article in the Derbyshire Times on November 1, about parking on grass verges outside properties at Yew Tree Drive, Somersall.

Friday, 24th November 2017, 11:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:00 pm

There are 62 properties on this very narrow, bus route road. Most of the properties were build around 1938, often before people had a car, and these properties have now been altered and extended over the years.

Most residents on this road have two cars and often they are parked one on the drive or on the road.

Some inconsiderate neighbours leave their drives empty and park on the road as they can’t be bothered to manoeuvre and park on their driveway — hence they cause obstruction.

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There are also numerous deliveries constantly using this road to visit various properties, as you can imagine.

Then there are the two bin collections with their large wagons which often have to be parked in the middle of the road while the bins are being emptied.

Then the bin crew leave the empty bins at the top of residents’ driveways after emptying them, which means to get onto your drive you either have to park down the road somewhere, or cause a temporary obstruction until you move the bin and then you can park your car on your drive.

There are constantly inconsiderate residents/visitors/deliveries/people’s friends who live round the corner who block your drive so you cannot get on or get off without waiting for them to remove their vehicles.

Despite contravention of several Highway Code clauses, the police simply do not do anything to alleviate the situation.

Then there are the ‘rat runners’ on their way to Holymoorside School and beyond, and often talking on their mobile phones.

The residents on this road have a pride in their properties, which often extends to the grass verges outside their properties.

They mow the grass in this area simply because the council grass cutting team leave it in an appalling condition, with ruts in it when it is wet, there is slippery wet grass all over the pavements, at the top of people’s driveways as they pass on their grass cutting machines from one section of grass to the other section.

The grass is never swept up and longer grass by the kerbs are just left to grow.

So, what is the answer to these problems?

Well I think the residents of Yew Tree Drive should have their say, and I believe they will have something to say.

What about the council, the local MP, and councillors who have been voted in to represent this ward? They also could get involved as it’s a nightmare.

I can offer solutions that could be considered by the Derbyshire County Council and the police, these are:-

1. Re-route the bus down Somersall Lane that is a wider road, runs parallel with Yew Tree Drive, and residents park in their larger drives. This would prevent unnecessary obstruction. May I point out to readers that I am not a NIMBY, it makes sense as this road has clearer access for road traffic users, and less obstruction.

2. ‘Access only’ for road traffic users at each end of this road and for residents and visitors only. As it’s a Neighbourhood Watch area, I am sure there would be some people who would monitor the traffic, and collect number plates of ‘rat runners’ until they get the message. Some areas often have the public working in conjunction with the police to alleviate these type of problems, especially in built-up residential areas.

3. The council to consider making parking bays in front of people’s property (costly perhaps initially but money well spent in the long run). This would not only deal with parking issues for all road users, but the grass cutting team would not have to cut the grass. The council is always trying to save money, and this grass cutting service would not be required. Plus the bus route could remain on this road.

What do other residents think?


Yew Tree Drive, Somersall (name supplied).