LETTER: Heat or eat, ‘decent pension would mean no need for pass’

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If the coalition government currently in power was not squandering billions of pounds to the EU; overseas aid to countries who themselves are funding space programmes; child benefit to children who are not living in this country then they would not need to reduce funding to local government organisations like Derbyshire County Council.
In turn DCC would not need to implement wholesale cuts to services within the country.

This “Pass holder Benefit Scrounger” started work at 15, worked from 8am until 6pm five days per week, travelling on buses by the way.

I returned to work full time after having two children, until the age of 63.

If I was paid a decent state pension (as happens in other countries) then I would need neither a bus pass nor winter fuel allowance.

Read your papers (Adam Gould) and see how many pensioners die each year because they have to make a choice between ating or heating.

L. Turton.