LETTER: Have your say on affordable housing

I like my Derbyshire Times, I do not do Facebook but I read the letters.

Thursday, 12th October 2017, 5:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:35 am

Ben Keane moved to Wingerworth a year ago due to affordable housing, good for him. 
Danny White says he would like to end the arguments of housing in Wingerworth. Nobody has a reasonable argument against it as you’re all living in what was once a development and without your housing development you wouldn’t be living in Wingerworth at all.

The parish council will hold a meeting in the parish hall on October 25 to discuss the developments.
I wonder if it will also talk about the 20 per cent affordable housing being built at the Avenue site?

The chairman, Diane Ruff, was disappointed at the low number of affordable houses in this phase two but was assured that the full 20 per cent would be delivered at the end of the ten-year period. 
The development up Swathwick Lane, which is well screened will supply 40 per cent affordable, it will also supply bungalows which are in demand, it will also supply smaller houses for which there is also a demand. 
Facebook also says there are 350 objections to the development off Swathwick Lane, correction 351, for I’d also object to a development on green belt at the top of Chartwell Avenue. 
The proposed development is at the bottom of Chartwell Avenue and would supply all the issues spoken of in the Neighbourhood Plan. Including the widening of the footpath on Swathwick Lane which is a danger to the public.

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