LETTER: Government will be to blame for service cuts


I would like to clarify a few points made by Adam Gould in his letter printed in the Derbyshire Times on November 13 about bus services.

The reason we are having to cut the money we spend on subsidising bus services is because the government is cutting the grant it gives to us - £157 million over the next few years - not because pensioners are riding tound on the buses for free all day.

The national free bus scheme for older people is paid by the overnment. The government gives all councils money to pay for the scheme and this money can only be used for this. The bus companies are paid for every journey made according to a nationally agreed formula.

So the government gives with one hand and takes with the other. The irony of having a free bus pass, but the possibility of not having any services to use at the weekends and evenings is not lost on us.

Local people need to know that this is not the fault of Derbyshire County Council. The government will be to blame if we have to cut vital services.

Councillor Dean Collins.
Cabinet member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, Derbyshire County Council.