LETTER: Frustrated and disappointed by state of Chesterfield cemetery

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Recently I returned to Chesterfield to attend my father’s funeral.

After the church service my wife and I drove to Boythorpe Cemetery, somewhere that would have been impossible to find, due to no road signs, had I not looked on Google Maps prior to the day.

Once through the cemetery gates we realised we should have rented a 4x4 to contend with the worst pothole infested road surface we have ever driven on. After the burial I had to negotiate a six point turn on the very narrow road, which to my horror had a drop of easily six inches, if not more, in place of a verge.

Now, I live on the outskirts of Grimsby, which I understand is the subject of a television series called Skint, yet Grimsby’s cemetery is in a far better condition, with neat verges along the side of a smooth road, compared to the cemetery of your much larger and more vibrant town.

I have never seen as many speed cameras anywhere else in the United Kingdom, as there are in North East Derbyshire. Could your council not use some of the money obtained by the near constant bombardment of speed traps to give people a smooth and dignified last journey on their way to their final resting place?

By a frustrated reader, from Grimsby