LETTER: Everyone else faces financial burden of parking

Blue badge holders repeatedly state that they deserve special consideration and should be exempt from paying parking fees at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, but should they?

Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 5:30 pm

Many of us attending out-patient departments and clinics experience similar difficulties to those who hold a blue badge. We all have issues relating to our health and mobility as well as time restraints and the worry of affordability when having to make numerous visits. Our needs when visiting the hospital are no less than those who have more long standing illnesses which has enabled them to obtain a blue badge.
The hospital has always reserved an area of parking, close to the entrance, for badge holders only. This area has been increased dramatically over the years, from one small car park to the entire area in front of the hospital. The rest of us, who may have identical needs, are forced to drive round and round the grounds numerous times, trying to find a parking place, which is often far away from the main entrance.
Blue badge holders need to validate their free parking in the same pay machines used to pay for parking. Asking badge holders to pay in future would not add any further issues to the process of using the car parks, only the added financial consideration the rest of us are burdened with.
No hospital should attempt to try and profit from ill, disabled or vulnerable individuals by charging and relying on sometimes excessive parking charges. 
I feel it rather selfish of blue badge holders to continue requesting exemption as long as the rest of us are obliged to pay.

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Richard Wright

By email

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