LETTER: E-cigs are ‘health hazard and anti-social act’

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There is supposed to be a no smoking ban in this country in public and workplaces, this means pubs, restaurants, cafes etc.
We understand this includes the so called e-cig. We have been horrified in the last three weeks visiting a local cafe in town, pub restaurant and twice another restaurant.
We have seen people openly and nipping to WC andin the actual restaurant smoking e-cigarettes. It has been confirmed by the NHS and medical specialists that e-cigs contain a minimum of two per cent nicotine and various chemicals and they do give off acrid smoke which I and my friends could taste three tables away from the smokers and as twoof us are asthmatics, it affected our lungs, throat and sinuses.
In our view it is a health hazard and anti-social act imposed on all non-smokers.
If I or my friends witness this disgusting habit again, I can assure theowners of any cafe, restaurant or pub that we will report the establishment to the environmental health department.

Mr and Mrs D.Reynolds,
Ms E.Johnson,
Mr P.Smith