LETTER: Don’t change Chesterfield without views of the people

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A big thankyou to the Derbyshire Times. Your letters’ page seems very much improved.

The contributions from Dave Walsh and Alan Armstrong on local and national issues were thoughtful and constructive. 
Additionally, the reference to John Burrows’ letter by Paul Webber ‘I Used to Love the Old Chesterfield,’ echoed my sentiments entirely.

When my husband and I moved from Coventry to Chesterfield in 1996 it was the lack of development in the town which we thought so special. Coming from a city like Coventry which had to be redeveloped swiftly after the last war due to ‘carpet bombing’, to us was very refreshing. One hopes that the council’s planning department will have a rethink, and not try to change things too much, without considering carefully the views of its residents.

Barbara Hobday