LETTER: Disgusting behaviour at Chesterfield library

Being a regular visitor to the central library in Chesterfield, I must be one of many people within my local community that finds the issue of anti-social behaviour appalling but not enough people are speaking out about the breakdown of community life within our nation. '¨The economic crisis in my opinion is not the cause of this happening. In my lifetime there have been several recessions so I know that this is an excuse used for the problem.

Monday, 21st March 2016, 2:12 pm
Updated Monday, 21st March 2016, 2:22 pm

Only this Saturday morning, March 5, I visited the central library and found many people being disruptive whilst I was there. It is not just a young people issue, there are shamefully many adults (old enough to know better) who find causing disruptive behaviour in a public environment to be regarded acceptable. I’m mystified by the issue. 
How did we get to become a nation where many people have this ‘I can do what I like’ attitude? 
Surely it has come to the point where standing up for the common good of society is needed?

There must be more that can be done to address this problem.

Too many times have I come to the notion that it’s better to not say anything and that social cohesion will get better. However in my opinion the situation is getting worse and there is more fear being created that speaking out creates consequences for personal security.

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As a person who regards the respectfulness for others within my community I have come to the decision that putting up with this issue is no longer acceptable.

Annoyed and bewildered

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