LETTER: Derbyshire bus pass criticism an ‘idiotic view to blame pensioners’

Regarding the letter comparing bus-pass holders to benefit scroungers.
I am appalled by this misguided and cruel view from this writer who claims that free bus passes are responsible for the £2 million worth of cuts in Derbyshire.
All councils up and down the country are having to make cuts, because this government have made massive cuts to councils since they came to power in 2010.
The government is responsible for these appalling cuts, along with the banks that nearly bankrupted this country, not pensioners who have worked hard all their lives only to be given a free bus pass that this writer claims is burdening councils with brutal cuts. Never heard such rubbish. It’s another example of some right wing idiotic view that want to blame and punish pensioners by having a go at their free bus passes and their right to having a decent pension.

Sunday, 23rd November 2014, 8:42 pm