LETTER: Cyclists should contribute financially

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I could not agree more with Stephen Smedley’s letter in the Derbyshire Times about the forth coming traffic disruption due to yet another unnecessary cycle lane.
If cyclists want to have these cycle lanes and use the roads then it’s about time they started to contribute financially, as Mr Smedley points out motorists pay for the privilege of using roads and highways despite being short changed due to the very poor condition most of them are in.

Cyclists should pay a tax at the point of sale of each bike and some forms of registration system should be put into place. Perhaps even insurance too?
Why the local authorities are hell bent on appeasing this minority is anyone’s guess but the forth coming disruption is just not on. Cyclists already use the main roads and some of them think it’s okay to go through red traffic lights and mount pavements when it suits so why should they get preferential treatment?

Stephen Payne

By email