LETTER: Councillors should be ashamed over allowances


I write in response to the acting Derbyshire Times editor’s views regarding the recent increase in local councillors’ personal allowances.
I fully support Nancy Fielder and especially when we read about lollypop ladies/men and sheltered housing wardens losing their jobs due to cut backs.
There are ideas like getting rid of the Ashgate Road car park and turning the former Co-op building into a hotel (what’s with this obsession about having more hotels in Chesterfield?)

And now we have our councillors giving themselves a pat on the back by voting to increase their allowances. Of course they can hide behind the fact that an independent panel saw fit to recommend the rise, I’m sure that helped to ease the conscience.

In relation to Sharon Blanks’ remarks about councillors being able to afford to take time off work for council ‘duties,’ I personally know of one councillor who still receives a full salary as well as local council paid allowances (ie our council tax) so suffers no hardship.
Finally I would ask where the money is coming from for the allowance increase? A rise in council tax perhaps?
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, the lot of you.

Stephen Payne

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