LETTER: Chesterfield's streets are paved with litter and drunks

The town of Chesterfield has about it an air of apathy. People can't be bothered to keep the town and their own neighbourhood tidy, litter can be found everywhere across the town and nobody seems to care. '¨I do, and I am sick of the image that it portrays to visitors to the town. We need a strategy to clean up Chesterfield.

Saturday, 13th August 2016, 12:30 pm

The next thing that does concern me is young people who have passed out and are draped across the pavement. I saw a couple by KFC at West Bars and another couple on the steps next to the library — not good enough. And why do people going about their business have to tolerate such?

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I trust that you or someone can help me make these feelings felt so I can share my views with like-minded people.

Lesley Miller

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