LETTER: Can just 22 be called a '˜good turnout'?

In a recent Letter to the Derbyshire Times, David Melton wrote of the '˜good turn out' for the consultants meeting in the parish hall in Wingerworth, August 31.

Monday, 6th November 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:00 pm

Why did this happen in light of the parish council asking for people to get involved with the Local Plan?
Wings Magazine, August to September 2016, hit the nail on its head by asking “Do people really care about village affairs?”.

He asked that question because only 22 people turned out to plan the future of Wingerworth’s Local Plan, though Diana Ruff said she was pleased at the turn out, it was better than usual. Just 22 out of 6,500 people, a good turn out? I do not think so. 
Yes it was a good response to the meeting of August 31, but was this because of the false information on Facebook and the report on the post saying the development was going to be on green belt land? Was it the early time of 3pm to 7pm unlike the parish council’s meetings that start later in the evening?

It was not bad news from the consultants who told me the people were interested in the bungalows and affordable housing. These will assist the community in many ways mainly in affordable housing which is the talking point throughout the country.

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We need more affordable housing to meet the needs of the country, this was a point made by Sajid Javid in his speech on affordable housing, whilst the government says it will do all it can to repair Britain’s broken housing market and that development will fill a small gap in the repairs.

Frank Hardy

By email