LETTER: Bikers' parking charge is money making scheme

May I please use the Derbyshire Times to express my disgust at local democracy?

Sunday, 15th May 2016, 6:30 pm
Matlock Bath bikers' protest

Sixty-four county councillors have put their foot down and decided to introduce a 50p per hour parking fee for motorbikes at Matlock Bath. Yippee for them (sarcasm).

I have tried and failed to find the actual vote on the county’s web site to see if the vote was unanimous.

Bully for them, there must have been some of the general public who thought this should happen. I believe though that the majority and the shop owners have more than raised their voice against it.

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In your paper it was stated that Councillor Dean Collins believes this parking fee will ensure a regular turnover of parking spaces.

If that was their only reason for the introduction of this fee then I have long blonde hair and all my own teeth (shaven head and half my own teeth left). What an absolutely poor excuse for the introduction of more money into their bank balance.

May I ask that if their only reason is not more revenue but the turnaround of parking spaces, then donate the money collected to local charities. Many bikers and visitors would not mind this.

Sadly there is absolutely nothing that they can say to convince myself that this action is not to raise funds It’s the only reason in my view.

Matlock Bath has managed itself for years. I do hope that it will continue to attract the bikers with or without the county’s plans.

More than once I have stated and will continue to do so at every opportunity, that councils, county councils and hospitals have got to stop using the motorist as a cash machine.

We all have to use some kind of transport for work, pleasure and just getting from A to B.

Adrian Mather

Alexandra Road East,