LETTER: Bikers and drivers are not a cash bank to be fleeced

May I ask your readers how many of them have had an idea, or a wish to purchase something, knowing full well they did not really need it and weeks later go and buy it, or do the idea?

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 6:30 pm
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

I am very guilty of this when it comes to camera equipment. I see, wish it then talk myself into it .

This line of thinking applies to many things .

Councils and hospitals all get ideas and even when they know it is wrong they have to chase and then do it.

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Car parking has for years been a problem for any motorist. They have to park and are seen as a magic bank for anyone with the power over a car park or street parking.

I have no idea when councils or hospitals decided to add into their budgets revenue from vehicle parking but it was wrong to do it . If you need to visit a hospital, get your money out. Wish to visit another town? Get your money out.

Our county council now wishes to charge motorbikers for parking on the road in Matlock Bath. This means changing all the road restrictions as they are now. It will effect car owners as well.

Sadly the county has thought it up and is convinced it’s the best idea since sliced bread. In my view they have thought and talked themselves into it. WE NEED THE MONEY.

I hope they take off their blinkers and see the light, listen to everyone in objection to this.

Bikers and car drivers are not a cash bank to be fleeced each and every time a council or hospital needs extra funds.

Adrian Mather,