LETTER: Acrid stench in New Whittington is from egg shells

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Over the last few weeks, Chesterfield Borough Council’s environmental protection team has received a number of complaints about odours in the New Whittington area. These have been described as acrid, rotting food and chicken manure. Our staff received photographs showing a large pile of what looked like chicken manure and eggshells. They forwarded these photographs to the Environment Agency, which is the responsible for agricultural waste, waste streams and waste activities.

The landowner of a field to the west of Handley Road, New Whittington has been authorised by the Environment Agency to spread egg shells on his land as a fertiliser.

The crushed eggs shells are collected as waste from a food premises in South Yorkshire and transferred to the field west of Handley Road.

New Whittington is on the north-western edge of Chesterfield borough and borders the rural agricultural farmland of North East Derbyshire District Council.

It is expected, from time to time that there will be odours coming from this land, for example when fields are fertilised (muck spreading).

Our staff and the Environment Agency visited the site as part of a joint investigation.

They smelt an odour, similar to ammonia near to the crushed egg shells.

The odour near residential properties on Handley Road did not smell like ammonia but could have been from a nearby farmer muck spreading with chicken manure or liquid fertiliser – both of which can cause strong pungent smells.As the pile of crushed egg shells has now been ploughed into the field this potential source of odour has been removed.It is possible that more crushed egg shells could be delivered to site, as the farmer has permission to do this for 12 months. If anyone continues to experience odours and they believe it to be coming from thecrushed egg shells please ring the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Councillor Chris Ludlow

Executive Member for

Environment, Chesterfield Borough Council