Lawson lead singer’s new ambassador role

Boyband Lawson, with lead singer Andy Brown (second, right).
Boyband Lawson, with lead singer Andy Brown (second, right).

The frontman of Chesterfield boyband Lawson has thrown his weight behind a local specialist charity close to his heart.

Andy Brown has been unveiled as the new ambassador for The British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA).

Having been personally affected by an acoustic neuroma, and with his band taking their name from the surgeon who performed his surgery, Andy is a perfect ambassador for the charity.

Acoustic neuromas are relatively rare brain tumours that grow on the balance nerve in the ear canal.

They affect the hearing, balance and facial nerves and can cause one or more of a number of physical and emotional effects.

This can include single-sided deafness, tinnitus, balance dysfunction, vertigo, facial weakness and palsy, cognitive impairments, fatigue, anxiety and


As lead vocalist and songwriter, Brown has recently been on the media trail, promoting the band’s latest single Roads.

Despite his hectic schedule, Andy has taken time to affiliate himself with BANA to help raise much-needed awareness and support for the charity and the acoustic neuroma condition.

Debra Nash, Chief Executive Officer of BANA said: “That Andy has gone on to international success in the music industry, scoring six top 10 singles, a top five platinum selling album and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, serves as a message of hope and positivity to others diagnosed with this type of brain tumour.

“As the only national charity supporting this condition, we very much welcome Andy’s affiliation, involvement and public support.

“We are also extremely grateful that he will assist us to spread our message and raise awareness of the condition and the range of interrelated conditions, to show how people are affected.”