Laura’s bid to help heroes

Laura Ashby, Chesterfield singer who is releasing single for Help for Heroes
Laura Ashby, Chesterfield singer who is releasing single for Help for Heroes

A budding Chesterfield singer hopes to strike a chord with the loved ones of fallen servicemen with her debut single.

Laura Ashby will donate all profits from Soldier’s Wife, which tells the tale of a woman whose husband is killed at war, to the national charity Help for Heroes.

The song, which was penned by 1980’s rocker and St Elmo’s Fire singer John Parr, is particularly poignant for 26-year-old Laura.

Her husband, Jon, tragically died from an undiagnosed genetic heart complaint when he was just 29.

Twenty-six-year-old Walton girl Laura, a mental health occupational therapist at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, said: “The very first time I heard the song with its beautiful words I immediately felt a connection with the wives who have tragically lost their husbands in war.

“This song gives me the chance to do something to help.”

Laura became interested in music as a child when she regularly visited London with her family to watch West End shows.

She studied sports science at Birmingham University but quickly realised where her passions lay so returned home to embark on a musical career.

At the age of 22, Laura married Jon – her “best friend” –and they were husband and wife for just a year before he died.

She said: “Jon helped develop the technical part of my vocals and gave me the confidence to perform in front of audiences.

“When he passed away, I was absolutely devastated and I didn’t know if I could sing again.

“But after a period in limbo and much heart-searching, I decided to carry on singing.

“In fact, I found that singing was a comfort and the only thing that helped me feel close to Jon.”

Soldier’s Wife is available from HMV in Chesterfield as well as online through iTunes.

In addition, talented Laura will perform the song at a fundraising concert at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, on Saturday, November 3.