LATEST A LEVEL RESULTS - Sheffield High School


Sheffield High School pupil Naomi Andrews from Brimington, Chesterfield, has a stunning collection of A Level results with straight As, three at the top grade A*, one A and one AS.

She was one of many who achieved the very highest grades from Sheffield High as 24% of the grades were at the new top grade of A* which is only given to the very best candidates in the country.

Naomi passed Physics, Maths and Further Maths all at A* and Chemistry at grade A with an additional AS level in IT again at the highest AS mark of grade A.

Naomi also passed the higher level STEP in maths and has a distinction in the AQA Baccalaureate.

She was one of 22 students in this first cohort of students at Sheffield High School who tackled this new initiative.

Not only does this challenge their academia but it also includes an extended project and an extensive enrichment programme throughout a two year period.

This is just one example where Sheffield High School is continually seeking to extend the opportunities offered the students.

Not only is the Baccalaureate now firmly established on the Sixth Form but the school is also offering a new accredited leadership course for this age group. Naomi is off to read Maths at Warwick University.

Other Sheffield High School students with straight A grades include:

Henrietta Hill from Bakewell passed with 2 A* in Biology and Chemistry and grade A in Maths. She also has AS grade A in Geography and grade B in Critical Thinking. She is off to read Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Henrietta is a talented musician who was a star in several school ensembles and who also took A level Music.

Rebecca Lindley from Bamford had two A* in History and Latin with grade A in German. She also has a grade A in AS Politics. In addition Rebecca has a distinction in the Baccalaureate. She is off to Cambridge to study languages.

Claire Wills from Eyam passed with A* in Geography and grade A in Government & Politics and French. She also passed AS grade A in Geography and B in Critical Thinking and is off to Oxford to read Law with French.

Natalie Elmer from Cutthorpe is off to read Physics on passing with three grade A in Biology, Physics and Maths with grade B A level in Chemistry. She also passed her AS General Studies grade A and C in Critical Thinking.