LATEST A LEVEL RESULTS - Brookfield Community School


These are the A level results received from from Brookfield Community School.

See bottom of list for key.

ADDISON Georgia Eng Lit IT Psychol GS

ALLCOCK Fay Eng Lang Psychol Sociol GS

ALLCOCK Joshua Econ Maths Phys

ALLEN Luke Psychol

ALLEN Sarah Biol Ger Psychol

ANDREW James Chem Maths Fu Maths Phys

ANNETT Bradley Biol Eng Lit PE GS

ASHCROFT Nathan BS Comp Econ GS

ATKINSON Sara Biol Chem Maths GS

BARKER Kate Eng Lang Sociol GS

BEAN James Geog IT GS

BELL Charlotte Eng Lit Theatre

BIGGIN Amy Geog Sociol GS

BOOTH James Eng Lit PE Theatre GS

BOTHAM Samuel Geog Pol Sociol GS

BRADLEY Joshua Maths Phys Psychol

BRIGGS Lydia Biol Chem Maths Psychol

BROADWAY Matthew Biol PE Psychol GS

BROOKS Rosalind Text Eng Lang Eng Lit Psychol

BROWN Kieran Comp Geog Maths

BROWN Lewis Eng Lang Eng Lit Ger

BROWN Matthew Biol Maths PE

BROWN Sam Biol Comp GS

BURSCOUGH William Comp Maths Phys

BUTLER Sam Biol Chem Maths GS

CALLADINE Nicholas Biol Chem Maths

CARLILE Katie Eng Lang Geog IT

CARTY Thomas Eng Lang

CATER Annie Dance Eng Lang Geog

CLARKE Kieran Eng Lit Theatre

COLLINS Christopher Econ IT

CONNOLLY Cara Eng Lang Eng Lit Theatre

COOPER Alix Dance Theatre

CORNELL Hannah Eng Lang Ger Psychol

CREE Nicola Biol Eng Lang Psychol GS

DART Rachel Eng Lit Geog Mus GS

DAVE Kevin Biol Chem Phys

DAVIES Lauren Eng Lit His Psychol

DAVISON Harry Econ Maths Spa

DAWSON David Geog Maths PE

DOLAN Maisie Art and Des Eng Lang Sociol GS

DOYLE Alexandra Eng Lit Psychol GS

DOYLE Bethany Text Eng Lit Psychol GS

EVANS Megan Biol Eng Lit Psychol GS

FAWBERT Jack Eng Lit Geog Pol GS

FELTHAM Kieran Eng Lang Psychol GS

FERRIS Duncan Biol Eng Lit Maths GS

FIGINI Ricardo Biol Chem Maths Spa

FISHER Jade Eng Lit His Sociol

FORD Peter Biol Maths Phys

FORDE Amy Art and Des Eng Lang Eng Lit His

FOWKES Alexander Biol Geog PE GS

FRANCIS-SUTTON Charlotte Text Psychol

FRANCIS-SUTTON Ellis Eng Lang IT Psychol

GILL Jacqueline Biol Chem Maths

GILL Kimberley Text Eng Lang

GOODALL Evelyn Biol Chem Fr GS

GRAY Charles BS Eng Lang

GRIFFITHS Nathan Biol Chem Maths Fu Maths

HALIFAX Samantha Biol Chem Maths

HALL Charlotte Biol Fr Maths GS

HALL Charlotte Text Maths Spa GS

HALL Daniel IT Psychol Sociol GS

HALL Robert Eng Lit His Pol GS

HEARNSHAW Alyss Psychol

HERRING Mhairi Dance Eng Lang Theatre

HIRST George Comp Econ Maths Phys GS

HITCHEN-ROBERTS Leanne Biol Chem Maths Psychol GS

HO Eamon Econ IT Sociol

HOFFMEISTER Daniel Maths Psychol Spa GS

HOLLAND Amber Eng Lang Psychol

HOLLISTER Grace Eng Lang Eng Lit Psychol

HOPKINSON Peter Eng Lang Geog Phys GS

HOWARD Daniel Maths PE

HOWARTH Emily Biol BS Psychol

HUDSON Bridie Biol Chem Geog

HUDSON Emily Geog His Pol GS

HUMPHRIES Robert Eng Lit Fr Pol GS

HUNT Emma Text Eng Lang Sociol

HUNT Gary IT Maths

HURLEY Charlotte Art and Des Eng Lang Psychol Sociol

HURST Emily Biol Chem Maths

ISHRAT Wajiha Biol Chem Maths

JOHNSON Owen Biol Chem Maths

Maths GS

JONES Callum BS Sociol GS

JONES Rhys Biol Econ Maths GS

LLOYD Robert Biol Maths Phys

LOWE Rebecca Eng Lang Psychol Sociol

MANN Jack Biol Maths Phys

MANTLE Logan Econ Maths Phys

MCARDLE Shea Eng Lang Ger Sociol

MCCULLOCH Rachael Geog Psychol GS

MCDOUGALL Mark Eng Lang Eng Lit His

MCKINLEY Oliver Chem Eng Lit His

MERRICK Kayley Maths Psychol Spa

MOUNCER Elizabeth Art and Des Eng Lit Geog

NAUGHTON Bethany Dance Psychol Sociol

NEEP Rachel Text Biol Geog GS

NEWBOLD Elliot Eng Lang Eng Lit Pol GS

NICHOLAS Christopher Chem Maths Phys

NUNN Jennie Biol Chem Maths

ORWIN Rebecca Eng Lang Eng Lit His

PALMER-COOLE Jack Fr His Maths Spa GS

PHILLIPS Thomas Geog Ger Sociol GS

PINDER Ryan Biol Chem Maths

POTTER Emily Dance Eng Lang Theatre

REIDY Natalie Ger His Sociol

REYNOLDS Kirstie Eng Lang Ger IT

RICHARDS Perry Biol Chem Maths

RICHARDSON Abigail Chem Maths Fu Maths Phys


RICKELS Jack Chem Eng Lang PE

RICKELS Tom Eng Lang Maths Psychol

RODD Thomas Comp Maths Phys

SALES George His Maths Phys GS

SEDGWICK Elizabeth Text Eng Lang Eng Lit

SHAW Ellen Dance Psychol Theatre

SLATER Amy Biol Dance Maths GS

SMALLEY Matthew Comp Eng Lit Psychol

SMITH Alexander Biol Chem Maths

SMITH Daniel Eng Lang Psychol Sociol

SPARKS Matthew Art and Des Eng Lit His GS

SPENCER Hayley Eng Lang Ger Psychol

STACEY Laura Econ Maths Psychol

STANIFORTH Thomas Chem Maths Phys GS

STANYARD William Chem Maths Phys

STEVENSON Abbey Dance Geog Maths GS

STOCKTON James Biol Maths Phys

STONE Oliver Eng Lang Music

SWIFT Rebecca Art and Des Maths Phys

SYKES Amy Biol Chem Maths

TAYLOR Bethany BS Psychol

THOMPSON Brogan His Psychol Sociol GS

TORKINGTON Michael Biol Chem Maths

VAUGHAN Kelly Dance Geog Sociol

VICKERMAN James Biol Phys Psychol GS

WAGSTAFFE Laura Biol Chem Ger GS

WALKER Chloe Art and Des Biol Geog His

WALKER Megan Dance Psychol

WALLER Jade Eng Lang Psychol Sociol

WALLWORK Calum Biol Ger Maths

WANFORD Christopher Geog PE Psychol

WARREN Jaimie Eng Lit Psychol Theatre

WEBB Alix Text Eng Lang Psychol

WELCH Thomas Biol Chem Geog GS

WELLS Samuel Maths Spa

WHITE Sophie Comp Eng Lit Theatre

WHITTAKER Samuel Econ Eng Lang Psychol

WILCOCKSON Melissa Biol Geog PE GS

WILLIAMS Thomas Comp Maths Phys GS

WINTER Alexander Econ Maths Pol Psychol

WOOD Natalie Eng Lang Psychol GS

WRIGHT Matthew BS Comp Econ GS

Key to abbreviating subject:

Acc - Accounts

App IT - Applied

Information Technology

App BS - Applied Business


Art and Des - Art and


Art and Craft - Art and


Fash and Tex - Fashion

and Textiles

Biol - Biology

BS - Business Studies

Chi - Chinese

Class Civil - Classical


Comm - Communications

Comm St -

Communication Studies

Comp - Computer Studies

Chem - Chemistry

Chr Theo - Christian


CS - Classical Studies

Des Comm - Design


Des - Design

Des and Tech/DT - Design

and Technology

Dr - Drama

Ecol - Ecology

Econ - Economics

Econ/BS - Economics and

Business Studies

Eng - English

Eng Lang - English


Eng Lit - English Literature

Env Sc - Environmental


Eth - Ethics

Fr - French

Fu Maths - Further Maths

Geog - Geography

Geol - Geology

Ger - German

Gov/Pol - Government and


GS - General Studies

His - History

Home Econ - Home


HSCare/H&SC - Health

and Social Care

IT - Information


Jap - Japanese

Lat - Latin

Maths - Mathematics

Mech - Mechanics

MS - Media Studies

Mus - Music

Mus Tech - Music


PE - Physical Education

Perf Arts/Studies -

Performing Arts/Studies

Phil - Philosophy

Photo - Photography

Phys - Physics

Pol - Politics

Psychol - Psychology

Pu Maths - Pure


RS - Religious Studies

Russ - Russian

Spa - Spanish

Sociol - Sociology

Spt - Sport Studies

T&T - Travel and tourism

Techn - Technology

Text - Textiles

Theatre - Theatre Studies

Theol - Theology